Putting the children on the bus in the morning is no simple task for many parents. It is our mission to give these parents a break and provide them with an accurate time frame of when their child’s bus will arrive. Our Gullivr app (available on iOS and Android devices) is designed specifically to make the morning hustle a little easier. We ensure that no child has to chase the bus or wait in the cold ever again.



Vlugzee is a site for sharing, micro-blogging & social networking. Users can share ads, comics, news, entertainment, opinions or anything else that they feel is of relevance and want the rest of the world to know about. Vlugzee has been developed with a neat blue and orange color scheme and the operation of the website is user friendly, quick and easy to understand. The goal was to make for an aesthetically bright and pleasing experience to enhance the creative process of writing.



Rise is unique alarm application for iOS that wakes you up with and wishes you good morning with interesting content.


Drive Point

Use of mobile devices during the drive can cause consequences, that’s a fact. We wanted to raise awareness about this problem and to motivate drivers to stop texting while driving or doing anything on the mobile device that will distract their concentration on the road.



Have you ever been thinking, while taking off in the plane, of all the processes and safety checks that had to be completed in order for a plane to take off? It is a long process and hard job to check mark all of the standard tasks so one plane can get a green light to take off. JetFuel is the application that makes things easier to be done and secures that everything is set for a take off.



LumLord application helps people find best options for properties in different cities. Also user gets the best idea about quality of the property since LumLord offers the unique way of the property rating.



PROOV is a different kind of social network. We wanted to make the application that will trigger users to go out and have fun, to plan interesting events with friends, as well as resolutions and goals they want to achieve. This idea is presented symbolically in PROOV’s logo.


Super Patient

Super Patient is unique and revolutionary application that help doctors have better picture of ICU patients health progress. The application is combination of super journal and different mind games which track daily results presented on the doctor’s admin panel.



Connections are very important. Valor is the application that helps you meet the people you’re interested in meeting. Valor is a simple way to get connected to professionals that share common interests and could prove valuable to your network.



Why choose between balancing health and career? Networkingout fuses your wellness and career interests in one place.